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Our Advantages

We learn the needs of your business and take the payroll service of all your employees on our own.

Expert Staff

Professional staff consisting of reliable payroll experts, human resources experts, lawyers and financial advisors

Uninterrupted Service

You will receive quality and uninterrupted service by our Payroll Specialist.

Mobile Application

Your employees are mobile.You can access payrolls from anywhere with the application.

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What we offer?

You can watch the benefits we offer to employers and employees as Bordro Extra from our video

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Why Choose Us?

Expert Staff

Payroll You benefit from the experience of our experts.

Save Time and Money

By leaving the payroll service to us, you save time and money.

Mobile Application

Your employees can access their payrolls whenever they want.

Timely Service

You will not experience delays in your payroll service.

No Hidden Costs

You do not pay more than what we have stated in our contract.


Our support department is at your service whenever you need it.

About Us

BordroExtra Human Resources and Payroll Consultancy is differentiated by a professional staff consisting of experienced, reliable payroll experts, human resources experts, lawyers and financial advisors. It provides Payroll Consultancy Service as an outsourcing support to large sized businesses
While providing this service, the satisfaction of the employees of these enterprises is at the highest level. We communicate with your employees 24/7 with the BordroExtra Employee Self Service Portal, which is an iOS and Android supported mobile application, in order to meet the expectations of your employees regarding the process by complying with high technological infrastructure and high level confidentiality standards.

Mobile App

You can download the Bordro Extra application from AppStore and Google Play for free

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